I am steeped in the beauty of the Hudson Valley, the Adirondacks and the inter-coastal marsh. The natural and abstract qualities of these places course through my thoughts and paintings. Exploring how abstraction structures the beauty of nature and the visual world is what drives me. Elements merge, absorb, collide, building form and light. Poetry of place, the visual conversation, and engaging with the underlying abstract structure drive my search and my art practice.
A painting starts with the surprising moment when something captivates me visually. I am learning, it is not for me to capture that moment. More it is for me to explore my response, by connecting to the moment with paint. That is when a narrative can emerge. I want to be tethered  to an abstract narrative - the one the natural world presents to us all. Most of the time a form of representational realism takes hold of me. I try to resist that end. Maybe, if the stars align, a painting of mine can write a story about color, light and shape - a story of being.

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